T'ai-Ji Programme 2020

Embracing Tiger, Returning to Mountain

“When all striving ceases, the mind’s essential peace will be revealed”

The practice of T'ai-Ji is an act of loving-kindness towards oneself and to others. Through it we connect with an inner space of peace, harmony and ease, both physically and emotionally.

At The Orchard T’ai-Ji is presented in a non-intrusive manner, allowing for space and lightness. By not forcing ourselves into a preferred direction, we yield to the moment, stay grounded and approach any activity with ease, clarity and strength, making T’ai-Ji the healing force it is meant to be.

Through the forms of The Five Moving Forces and The Four Circles, we share our learning with joyful mindfulness, embracing with loving kindness whatever comes our way. Once we let-go of the cherishing of our judgements and surrender to the moment, T’ai-Ji will spontaneously express itself.

“In the non-doing the mind’s essential peace is revealed”

All T’ai-Ji retreats can be joined with or without any previous experience. Groups are on purpose of mixed levels of experience to enhance our learning through sharing with each other. Each retreat focuses on the practice of mindfulness through T’ai-Ji movement, relaxation and breathing exercises, sitting and walking meditation, emphasising the integration of this practice in daily life.

We are looking forward to sharing our T'ai-Ji journey with you.

T'ai-Ji events at The Orchard Dharma Centre

6.30 - 8.30 pm
with Ad
Friday 31st July (9am) - Sunday 2nd / Tuesday 4th (4pm) August
with Ad

Weekly T'ai-Ji classes

The T'ai-Ji Way with Ad Brugman

Dates in 2020

Weekly sessions on Wednesdays:-

6.30pm - 8.30pm

The first hour will be open to newcomers.

Cost: £5 for the first hour and £7 for the full two hours.

For dates: contact The Orchard

T’ai–Ji Seminar

Friday 31st July (9am) - Sunday 2nd / Tuesday 4th (4pm) August

"When all striving ceases the mind's essential peace will be revealed"



stream in the woods pic T'ai-Ji is a practice of loving kindness towards oneself, a practice of "breathing out, letting-go, softening and reconnecting with a place of balance ".

This seminar welcomes you to open up to where you are, to each other, to our surroundings, transcending the sense of a limited “me”, reaching out, and feeling deeply inter-connected.
We will explore and experience the meaning of yin – yang, of “empty – full” as taught in the T’ai-Ji classics.

“It is in the non-doing that the mind’s essential peace is revealed.”

“Non-doing” is the letting-go of trying to get it right, following the water- course way and ‘simply be’.
We will play and dance with the forms of the Five Moving Forces and the Circles as our base and discover a world of surprises and beauty.
Once we let-go of the cherishing of our judgements and surrender to the moment, T’ai-Ji will spontaneously express itself."

This seminar will be open to all levels of experience.

Cost: £ 375 for the full length of the seminar or £ 250 until Sunday 4pm.
Cost includes accommodation and teaching. Bring food to share.
Extra nights will be charged with £ 20.

In cased you don’t need accommodation, the course fee will be reduced by £20 a night.