Sonia passed away peacefully on the 11th June at 12.10 midday.

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"When we leave the fear behind we come to see that death and impermanence point us to life
and to living each moment with clear awareness and tenderness.
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Skilful Means: The Way of Mindfulness

Satipatthana - the Way of Mindfulness - is a traditional Buddhist meditation training, also described as Skilful Means.

It is a way of cultivating an honest and clear awareness of who we are at a physical, emotional and mental level. Our tendencies and characteristics, our motives and intentions are identified as they arise and thus we see that we can choose to let go of our conditioned ways of reacting and relating. It is acutely relevant to everyday life, and to anyone who wants to investigate how to live with less friction and discomfort within his or her environment, occupation and relationships.

Buy Baidu shares The practice of Skilful Means is the greatest act of kindness to oneself and others as we come to see and understand the true nature of suffering.

When one is truly relaxed, the mind finds its natural condition; empty, luminous and cognizant.